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Event Steward (Autocrat)
Award Recommendations


Equestrian Waivers and Forms
Heraldic Submission
Order of Precedence Update Forms
SCA Insurance Certificates




Form#   Form Title
01   Crown & Kingdom Event Bid 2019/01 (fill pdf)
48   Kingdom Event Report 2016/07 (fill pdf)
08   NewBranch Application 2005/08/25 (fill pdf)
13   Court Report 2003/10/30 (fill pdf)
14   Change of Officer 2017/07 (fill pdf)
14A   Change of Officer, Summits 2017/07 (fill pdf)
14C   Change of Officer, Tir Righ 2017/07 (fill pdf)
44   Extension of Warrant 2008/02 (fill pdf)
44A   Extension of Warrant, Summits 2008/02 (fill pdf)
44C   Extension of Warrant, Tir Righ 2008/02 (fill pdf)
24   Waiver Submission Cover Form 2012/05 (fill pdf)
49   Gift Tracking Form 2011/11/17 (fill pdf)
    Crier Contact Information form
(for updating contact info in the Crier)

Model and Photographer Release Forms

Event Stewarding (Autocratting)

Event Stewarding Resources

    Event Stewards of An Tir information page  
    Kingdom Event Policy (revised June 2006)
    TirRigh Event Policies and Procedures
    Event Proposal form (for internal use by shires and baronies) Feb 2011
    List Field Set Up for a Kingdom Event July 2017


Form#   Form Title
    An Tir Calendar Policy Jan 2018  
    An Tir Calendar Procedures Jan 2018  
NEW   Online DRF/EIF (all An Tir branches can use) Jan 2018  
0203   An Tir (Central) Date Reservation/Event Information Feb 2018(fill pdf)
    Tir Righ Date Reservation/Event Information Form Feb 2018 (fill pdf)
    The Summits Date Reservation/Event Information Form Feb 2018 (fill pdf)

GateSheets (Revised July 2016)

  Regular pdf's with fillable fields at the top;
for use at Gates where attendees fill sheets
by hand.
Fill and *save* pdf's; for use with pre-registration and at Gates where computers are used. Adobe Reader 8.1.2 or later required.


Standard (fill & save)
    1 Blank Column 1 Blank Column (fill and save)
    2 Blank Columns 2 Blank Columns (fill and save)
    3 Blank Columns 3 Blank Columns (fill and save)

SCA Waivers (for Equestrian Waivers, see Equestrian Waivers and Reporting Forms)

Form #   Form Title

MedicalAuthorization for Minors - U.S. Events
For use by U.S. citizens attending events in the U.S.
ONLY REQUIRED if minor is attending event WITHOUT parent or legal guardian (under the supervision of another adult)

2016/07/24 fill-and-print pdf
04   Medical Authorization for Minors - Canadian Events
For use at Canadian events and for Canadians attending U.S. events.
ONLY REQUIRED if minor is attending event WITHOUT parent or legal guardian (under the supervision of another adult)
2016/07/24 fill-and-print pdf
05   Event Waiver (Minor) 2016/07/24 (fill-and-print pdf)
06   Event Waiver, Multiple (Adult) - NOW OBSOLETE
07   Event Waiver, Single (Adult) 2016/07/24 (pdf)
21   Event Waiver, Roster (Adult) 2016/07/24 (pdf)
28   MultipleMinors Event Waiver 2016/07/24 (fill-and-save pdf)
53   Minor Waiver for Combat Activities 2016/12 (fill-and-save pdf)

SCA Insurance Certificates

If you are a branch or principality Seneschal and you need a simpleproof of SCA insurance, please send a brief note to sca_ins_cert [at] and request a copy of the current insurance certificate.
If you need "specific named insured" (event site and dateis specifically stated on the insurance certificate), you will findthe instructions for obtaining that certificate at 30 days for completion of request.


Form #   Form Title
  Event Report
This is a generic event report form used by some branches for internal use.
2013/03 (Excel file)
24   WaiverSubmission Cover Form 2012/05 (fill and save pdf)

Award Recommendations

An Tir Online Award Recommendation Form


  US and APO Membership form, (pdf)
    International Membership form, (pdf)
    SCA Marketplace - Stockclerk, (pdf)

Equestrian Waivers and Forms

Form#   Form Title
    Equestrian Waiver Instructions and Sample 2018/01 (pdf)
31   Equestrian Event Waiver for Washington 2018/01 (pdf)
32   Equestrian Event Waiver for Oregon 2018/01 (pdf)
33   Equestrian Event Waiver for Idaho 2018/01 (pdf)
34   Equestrian Event Waiver for British Columbia

2018/01 (pdf)

EQ Accident/Incident Investigation Report
To be provided to the KEM and KEO within 72 hours after an incident, after the initial notification by phone or email.

2016/12 (fill pdf)
36   EQ Event Report
To be filled out by the Equestrian Marshal in Charge and provided to the KEO within 10 days after an event.

2016/12 (fill pdf)
40   EQ Four Year Authorization
To be filled out by the authorizing equestrian marshal. The rider keeps the card portion, and the marshal send the top portion to the authorization deputy, along with an equestrian waiver for the appropriate area signed by the participant.

2016/12 (fill pdf)
16   Recommendation for Marshal Promotion
This form is required for all marshal promotions, junior and senior. For senior promotions, send the form to the KEO who will then approve and forward to the authorization deputy.
2016/12 (fill pdf)
    An Tir Equestrian site
Information on Equestrian Activities in An Tir, including officer contact information, the An Tir Book of Horse, etc.



    See "Forms and Instructions" on the Chancery of the Exchequers page
  The Exchequer Warranting form ("Request for Warrant") can be found on page 238 of the Exchequer's Handbook at


  Name Form
    Branch Name Form
    Device Form
    Badge Form


  Ithra Course (Teaching) form for Sound Campus (HTML)


Form#   Form Title
15   4 Year Authorization 2016/12 (fill-and-save pdf)
16   Recommendation for Marshal Promotion 2016/12 (fill-and-save pdf)
17   Branch Marshal Quarterly Report 2012/02 (fill-and-save pdf)
19   Marshal in Charge 2016/12 ( fill-and-save pdf)
20   Incident Report 2016/12 (fill-and-save pdf)
27   CombatPractice Roster for Members 2005/03 (fill-and-save pdf)
52   2 Year Authorization for Youth Armoured Combat 2016/12 (fill-and-save pdf)
53   Minor Waiver for Combat Activities - Authorizations 2016/12 (fill-and-save pdf)
55   Marshal Sign-in Sheet 2016/12 (pdf)
56   Minor Waiver for Combat Activities - Single Use Situations 2016/12 (fill-and-save pdf)


Form #   Form Title
    List Field Set Up for a Kingdom Event July 2015  
22   Lists Reporting Form 2014/01 (fill-and-save pdf)
    Bowling Sheet (pdf) (Excel)
    Minister of Lists Supply Checklist (pdf) (Word)
    Herald Cards for Announcing (pdf) (Word)
    Herald Cards for Rounds (pdf) (Word)
    Lists Registration Forms (pdf) (Excel)
    Lists Tourney Signs (pdf) (Word)
    Single Elimination Tree (pdf) (Excel)
    Lists Volunteers (pdf) (Word)
    Wins and Losses (aka Squires or Cadets Style) (pdf) (Excel)
    Archery Competition (pdf) (Excel)
    An Tir Tournament Statistics (pdf) (Excel)


An Tir Seneschal Resources


An Tir Culture Wiki

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